Personal Banking Relationship Manager

I recently received an email from my Personal Banker – she informed me that she has an excellent investment plan tailored for me. Although, I have taken some wrong banking decisions in the past on the advice of PB and lost my hard-earned money, I told her to send me full details by mail.

When I received a second email I used all my experience, which I have acquired over the last years, to ask her a couple of specific questions. It’s over a month now but she can’t respond because answering my questions would suggest that the client should not invest.

There is a well-known saying “Earning cash is easier than managing your money”. Today there are many young people who earn high salaries. When your bank balance crosses the threshold level, the bank will immediately assign your account to a Relationship Manager.

These Personal Bankers are normally given huge objectives by banks to be attained through their loyal customer base. That means generating a fixed amount of money from customers. Beware of Personal bankers as the aim of PB is to generate a big commission rather than manage your money.

Personal bankers always insist that customers should continue to buy and sell. Otherwise, the bank will earn only a flat commission of around 1 percent of the invested amount.

Customers that seek the help of a Relationship Manager have a limited quantity of money. The RM have to make more and more commissions within this amount. In this scenario, the easiest thing to do is to get the client to transfer his money from one mutual fund to another.

In the end, it’s your money and you’re free to question your personal banker’s logic to propose particular investment tools. Don’t blindly trust your Relationship Manager. Rely on your experience and financial wisdom.

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